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We understand the psychological strategies that lead to success. With over 20 years world wide experience, whatever your needs, i2i create imaginative initiatives to produce results. Contact i2i today!

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i2i Blog - The Summer Of 96

The Summer of 96

i2i Blog - England 1 Russia 1

England 1 Russia 1


  • Fabulous! I feel the experience has helped me to break down my own personal barriers which prevent me from attaining my goals.
    JM, 3 Day Course
  • Delightful, inspirational, mind blowing and informative!
    KH, 3 Day Course
  • I found it to be a profound and life changing experience my view of life and success has changed. I hope I have the strength and desire to implement these practices into every single aspect of my life and realise my dreams.
    GM, 3 Day Course
  • Having worked in sales for 20 years and not experienced anything like this – what goes on in the human mind and how we can positively affect our time on this earth – I found this almost mind blowing as to the potential I have to offer.
    IH, 3 Day Course
  • The best course I have ever had the fortune to experience.
    TP, 3 Day Course
  • It has made me see clearly the things I want to improve in my life and provided me with the tools to do it.
    JS, 3 Day Course
  • Didn’t want it to end, motivational, thought provoking, fantastic. I cannot wait to start to apply this and see the results. I want to do more.
    HB, 3 Day Course
  • You have helped me re-focus my mind and realise how great my life already is and that I can achieve my dreams and nothing need get in my way. I actually mean it and feel it after the course, rather than just saying the words.
    KS, 3 Day Course
  • Thank you for sharing your knowledge and providing me with the tools to create a better future for me and my family.
    TH, 3 Day Course
  • I thought of it as being given a special gift. For the very first time I have been given the tools to be able to plan and fulfill my dreams.
    AL, 3 Day Course
  • Simply life changing. At the age of 35, you have given me a fresh outlook on life, and those barriers out there ready to be smashed down.
    PG, 3 Day Course
  • When I first heard about i2i I thought it was going to be tree hugging nonsense. Couldn’t be more wrong. It is usable day to day advice on how to better myself. Fantastic!
    DW, 3 Day Course